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Group Coaching

Group Coaching has immediate and long-term benefits that enable clients to thrive. Sign up for our Group Coaching to start thriving.

Group Coaching

We channel a per centage of our proceeds into our prison program. Here’s more information about our Group Coaching.

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Happy Clients

As a mother, it's extremely hard to accept that your son is involved with social vices. I would get agitated and really question my capacity as a parent. But, James helped me geth through this and even helped my son to overcome his struggles through coaching and constant guidance.
I was desperate and destitute after losing my job. Not knowing where to turn to for help, I posted my vulnerability online. It's really hard to do because we all want to show the world, that we got it all together yet we are crumbling inside. James helped me find clarity and regain my confidence and my self-worth.