Born 4 Greatness Camp

Are you wondering what our Born 4 Greatness Camp event is all about? Read on and find out. 

Camping enables young people to connect to their true greatness through adventure and learning - Photo: Pixabay

Our much awaited outdoor activity with male teenagers will happen during this Easter Holiday! It is an event that we had planned to have in 2020 but was postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions. We are so excited to announce that on April 15 – 17 this year, the Born for Greatness Crew will welcome male teenagers for a 3-day event on the foothills of Ngong Hills.  

During the event, male teens will learn positive masculinity through connecting with their peers, positive male role models and bond together during an unforgettable Easter Holiday Weekend.

According to John Wollwerth, a prolific content creator, camping and outdoor activities allow parents to have new experiences with their children. It changes the environment so that young people can stop looking at their phones and start becoming aware of the wonderful things around them.



Camping and outdoor activities allow parents to have new experiences with their children so they can become aware of the wonderful things around them.

John Wollwerth

Born 4 Greatness Camp activities

The Born 4 Greatness Camp participants will learn positive masculinity through:-
  • team building events
  • hiking experience
  • treasure hunt
  • personal reflection
  • smart goal setting
  • fulfilment
  • life purpose
  • visioning
  • bonfire
Born 4 Greatness Camp

How is it that one match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box of matches to start a campfire?

– Christy Whitehead

Developing exceptional young men

In the end, we plan to end out camp with a bang! It is our hope that every young man will end the weekend on a high note abd ready to go back to school energized and inspired to be the best they can ever be. Above all else, they will be able to be seen, heard and be felt in way that will add value to their personal lives, those around them and the whole world.

This is an event that male teenagers cannot afford to miss out on. Book your spot or sponsor a male teenager today!